Poster session

Poster session

A 3D interpolation algorithm based on a cube-partition searching procedure
R. Cavoretto (*), A. De Rossi

Modelling separatrix curves and surfaces in dynamical systems
R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi (*), E. Perracchione, E. Venturino

Multinode rational operators for Birkhoff interpolation
F. Dell'Accio, F. Di Tommaso, K. Hormann.

On simultaneous polynomial interpolation and regression II: the degree of regression
F. Dell'Accio, S. De Marchi, M. Mazza (*)

WSVD basis for RBF and Krylov subspaces
S. De Marchi, G. Santin

A Birkhoff interpolation problem on the unit square with applications
E. Longo (*), F.A. Costabile

Harmonic Admissible Meshes
F. Piazzon

Computing the Resolution of a Gamma Camera
D. Poggiali