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Contributed talks

A number of contributed talks are available, will be taken into account and selected. Please contact the Organization by email (hamschool2018[at] providing title and abstract.

Here we provide a provisional list of Contributed Talks

● Patrick Bernard, ENS Paris, TALK 45 min: TBA.
● Misha Bialy, University of Tel Aviv, TALK 45 min: TBA.
● Daniel Rosen, University of Tel Aviv, TALK 30 min: Duality of Caustics in Minkowski Billiards.
● Ivan Beschastnyi, SISSA, TALK 30 min: Monotone curves and Morse-type theorems.
● Gleb Smirnov, SISSA, TALK 30 min: Elliptic diffeomorphisms of symplectic 4-manifolds.
● Ramón Vera, Nat. Aut. University of Mexico, TALK 30 min: Poisson Structures in near-symplectic manifolds.