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1. A number of double rooms are possibly available and payed directly by the Organization at

Foresteria "La Nave", 15 Via Portello, 35129 Padova.

Residenza BELZONI, 146 Via Giambattista Belzoni, 35121 Padova.

You have to request the room directly in the email of the Registration.

2. Otherwise, you can look at the following Hotels in Padova which you can book (and pay) by yourself:

B&B Hotel Padova: Via del Pescarotto, 39, 35131 Padova.

Hotel Giotto Padova: Piazzale Pontecorvo, 33, 35121 Padova.

Casa Battisti: Via Cesare Battisti 227, 35121 Padova.

Hotel casa del Pellegrino: Via Melchiorre Cesarotti 21, 35123 Padova.

Hotel NH Padova: Via Tommaseo, 61, 35131 Padova.