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The School

In the late Spring 2019 we will aorganize a school, aimed at introducing a large audience of Ph.D students and young researchers to a recent and exciting development of this program -the so called p-adic local Langlands, pioneered by C. Breuil, P. Colmez and M. Emerton since the early 2000s. The p-adic local Langlands should be read as a tremendous far-reaching generalization of the insight of the Tanyiama-Weil conjectures and Serre's modularity conjectures and its establishment for the particular case of GL2(Qp) led to spectacular applications such as the proof of the Fontaine-Mazur conjecture. The school will be organized in a series of lectures, starting from a Ph.D level and given by some of the most established experts in this area, encouraging the interaction between the lecturers and the students and aiming at initiating new collaborations and research projects.

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