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Program, contributive talks and posters



Torre Archimede, via Trieste 63, Padova, Room 1C150


A pdf of the program and further information can be fund here.


Alessia Mandini: "Symmetries and reduction in symplectic geometry"

Antonio Ponno: "Introduction to Hamiltonian PDEs: an overview of models and methods"

Olivier Cots: "Introduction to geometric and numerical methods in optimal control with application in medical imaging"

Contributed talks

Philip Arathoon, "Flag manifolds and coadjoint orbits"

Olga Bernardi: "Lyapunov functions and recurrent sets: from topological dynamics to weak KAM theory"

Francesco Boarotto: "Homotopy properties of horizontal path spaces"

Benoit Bonnet: "Optimal control problems in Wasserstein spaces"

Cavagnari Giulia: "A sparse mean-field control problem"

Juan Margalef: "Understanding the geometry of Misner spacetime through topology"

Clément Moreau: "Controllability of a magneto-elastic micro-swimmer"

Michael Orieux: "Extremal flow of minimum time control affine problems, and applications to space mechanics"

Rodrigo Takuro Sato Martin de Almagro: "Higher-order geometric integrators for nonholonomic systems"

Marta Zoppello: "Controllability of the hydro-Chaplygin sleigh with a moving mass"

Poster session

Paz Labares: "Classical Lie symmetries and similarity reductions for a generalized NLS equation in (2+1)-dimensions"

Jone Apraiz: "Observability Inequalities for Parabolic Equations and Some Applications Related to the Bang–Bang Property for Control Problems"

Fabrizio Boriero: "Trajectory planning for underactuated mechanical system"

Hasan Ozgur Cildiroglu: "Investigation of Geometric Phases for an Entangled State in Quantum Mechanics"

Benjamin Couéraud: "Variational discretization of thermodynamical simple systems on Lie groups"

Viviana A. Diaz: "Equations derived from Hamiltonian orbit reduction"

Ivan Gutierrez Sagredo: "Classical dynamical r–matrices and phase space quantization of (2+1)–gravity"

Shkelqim Hajrulla: "Logarithmic wave equation and the initial boundary value problem"

Simone Passerella: "Motion Planning via Reconstruction Theory"

Cristina Sardon: "A Hamilton-Jacobi theory for implicit differential systems"

Milo Viviani: "Efficient geometric integration for Lie–Poisson systems on sl*(N,C) and su(N)"

Marcin Zajac: "Gauge theories and Atyiah algebroid"