3rd Workshop on Formal Topology

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» Briciole di Matematica. Un incontro aperto al pubblico, per far conoscere una delle ricerche pi¨ feconde svolte a Padova.
Lunedý 7 maggio, ore 18.15 - Palazzo Moroni (Padova)

» Some reading material for tutorials is now available.

» A complete version of scientific and social programme is now available.

» Registration online is still possible.

» You can also find some more information about accomodation, travel and some glimpses on the history of Padua.

The 3rd WFTop

The 3rd Workshop on Formal Topology will take place in Padua (Italy) and will be hosted by The Municipality of Padua on 7-12 May 2007.
It is the third of a series of successful meetings on the development of Formal Topology and its connections with related approaches.

What is Formal Topology

When topology is developed in a strictly constructive way, for instance over Martin-Löf's type theory, points cannot be given primitively and the pointfree approach is fundamental. This is the reason why it is called formal. Read more »

Invited Speakers

The list of invited speakers includes outstanding scholars such as André Joyal, Per Martin-Löf, Martin Hyland, Peter Aczel... Read more »

Tutorials for beginners

The workshop is preceded by 2 days of tutorials for absolute beginners. It will be held by some of the creators of Point Free and Formal Topology. Read more »