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The Freiburg-Wien-Zurich seminar in Padova

Department of Mathematics "Tullio Levi - Civita", University of Padova

16-17 May 2019, Padova (Italy)


The history: The FWZ seminar is an old-style seminar taking place in Freiburg, Vienna or Zurich each four months on average full of blackboard talk discussions to present new proofs, concepts, ideas, papers. Information on the previous editions of the workshop can be found at

This edition: the XII edition of the FWZ seminar will take the form of a two-day workshop in Padova. The goal of the workshop is to explore new directions of research in stochastic analysis and mathematical finance, fostering new collaborations between the working groups of Freiburg, Padova, Vienna and Zurich. Communications can take the form of short talks as well as longer presentations. Discussion of preliminary results and ongoing works is particularly encouraged!


Contact e-mail: fontana(at)