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» Book of abstracts

The book of abstracts is available at

Please write to Marco Caliari if you have comments to the book.

» Keynote speakers

C. Conti, Beyond B-splines: generalized B-splines, exponential B-splines and pseudo-splines with emphasis on their refinement properties

A. Iske, Error Estimates and Convergence Rates for Filtered Back Projection

E. Larsson, Computationally efficient radial basis function partition of unity methods (with V. Shcherbakov, A. Heryudono)

N. Levenberg, Randomness and Potential Theory

G. Plonka, Sparse approximation by modified Prony method (with V. Pototskaia)

J.A.C. Weideman, Annie Cuyt @60: A Life in Approximation

G. Wright, Low rank approximation of functions in polar and spherical geometries

» Special sessions

Approximation theory in imaging science

M. Ehler, Sampling in Grassmannian spaces

M. Kiechle, Learning co-sparse representations for applications in image processing

J. Lemvig, A frame theoretic view on inverse problems

J. Ma, Structured sparse recovery from Fourier measurements using α-molecules

B. Oktay Yönet, Approximation to the functions defined by comformal mappings

O. Orlova, G. Tamberg, On approximation properties of generalized (Kantorovich-type) sampling operators

T. Peter, A multivariate generalization of Prony's method

S. Petra, Compressed motion sensing for tomographic particle image velocimetry

M. Storath, An algorithmic framework for Mumford-Shah regularization of inverse problems in imaging

G. Tamberg, On approximation properties of generalized sampling operators

A. Tillmann, Exploiting hidden sparsity for image reconstruction from nonlinear measurements

Meshless methods

R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, E. Perracchione, Approximation of scattered data using positive and accurate partition of unity interpolants

F. Dell'Accio, F. Di Tommaso, K. Hormann,, On the enhancement of the approximation order of the triangular Shepard method

K. Drake, A stable algorithm for divergence and curl-free radial basis functions in the at limit

E. Francomano, F.M. Hilker, M. Paliaga, E. Venturino, Analysis of the Allee threshold via Moving Least Square approximation

B. Haasdonk, G. Santin, Non-symmetric kernel-based approximation

A. Mazzia, G. Pini, F. Sartoretto, Cloud coarsening for the MLPG/DMLPG solution of diffusion problems

D. Mirzaei, Direct Approximation on Spheres Using Generalized Moving Least Squares

A. Mougaida, H.B. Hadj Salah, Rational Quadrature for Meshless methods

A. Safdari-Vaighani, E. Larsson, A. Heryudono, Implementation of multiple boundary conditions in RBF collocation method

Multiresolution techniques: recent insights and applications

C. Deng, H. Meng, Hermite interpolation by incenter subdivision scheme

U. Zore, B. Jüttler, J. Kosinska On the linear independence of truncated hierarchical generating systems

S. López-Ureña, M. Menec, R. Donat, A multilevel optimization technique with applications to yacht design

P. Massopust, Clifford-Valued B-Splines

C. Moosmüller, Hermite subdivision on manifolds

V. Turati, Multigrid methods and Subdivision schemes

A. Viscardi, Irregular Tight Wavelet Frames: Matrix Approach

Multivariate polynomial approximation and pluripotential theory

G. Alpan, Orthogonal polynomials for equilibrium measures and Chebyshev polynomials

M. Baran, L. Białas-Ciez, Radial functions related to Plesniak’s conditions

M.T. Belghiti, B. El Ammari L.P. Gendre, Degrees of Polynomial Appoximation in holomorphic Carleman classes

L. Białas-Cież, Selected polynomial inequalities

L. Bos, Fekete points as norming sets

R. Eggink, Equivalence of global and local Markov inequalities in complex space

A. Goncharov, Some Asymptotics of Polynomials in Terms of Potential Theory

G. Jaklič, J. Kozak, Parametric Polynomial Circle Approximation

A. Kowalska, Generalizations of Markov inequality and the best exponents

A. Kro´o, On multivariate fast decreasing polynomials

S. Ma’u, Algebra and pluripotential theory on curves and varieties

G. Migliorati, Analysis of the stability and accuracy of discrete least-squares approximation on multivariate polynomial spaces

B. Nagy, Some recent results on Bernstein type inequalities for rational functions on the complex plane

F. Piazzon, Pluripotential numerics

R. Pierzchała, Multivariate Markov-type inequalities

M.A. Piñar, On a Uvarov type modification of orthogonal polynomials on the unti ball

K. Rost, Bivariate polynomials and structured matrices

Numerical integration, integral equations and transforms

Z. da Rocha, On connection coefficients for some perturbed of arbitrary order of the Chebyshev polynomials of second kind

M.C. De Bonis, D. Occorsio, Approximation of hypersingular integral transforms on the real axis

L. Fermo, A numerical method for a Volterra integral equation related to the initial value problem for the KdV equation

M. Ganesh, C. Morgenstern, A new class of constructive preconditioned integral equation models for simulation of wave propagation

W. Gautschi, A discrete top-down Markov problem in approximation theory

P. Junghanns, Collocation-quadrature for the notched half plane problem

C. Laurita, M.C. De Bonis, On the numerical solution of integral equations of Mellin type in weighted L^p spaces

G. Milovanovic, Computing integrals of highly oscillatory special functions using quadrature processes

K. Nedaiasl, A. Foroush Bastani, On the Numerical Approximation of Some Non-standard Volterra Integral Equations

I. Notarangelo, Orthogonal polynomials for Pollaczeck-Laguerre weights on the real semiaxis

S. Notaris, Anti-Gaussian quadrature formulae based on the zeros of Stieltjes polynomials

D. Occorsio, M.G. Russo, Extended Lagrange interpolation on the real semiaxis and applications to the quadrature

G. Serafini, Product integration rules on the square

I. Sloan, High-dimensional integration of kinks and jumps-smoothing by reintegration

S. Yakubovich, New classes of the index transforms and their applications to solutions of higher order PDE's

Sparse approximation

S. Bittens, Sublinear-Time Fourier Algorithms

M. Briani, A. Cuyt, W. Lee, A hybrid Fourier-Prony method

R. Budinich, G. Plonka, A Region Based Easy Path Wavelet Transfrom for Sparse Image Representation

A. Cuyt, W. Lee, Identification problems in sparse sampling

I. Markovsky, A low-rank matrix completion approach to data-driven signal processing

A. Matos, B. Beckermann, G.Labahn, On rational functions without Froissart doublets

A. Oleynik, M. Gulliksson, The sparse Gauss-Newton algorithm for underdetermined systems of equations

O. Salazar Celis, Approximate inversion of the Black-Scholes formula using a parametric Barycentric representation

T. Volkmer, Sparse high-dimensional FFT using rank-1 (Chebyshev) lattices

U. von der Ohe, A multivariate generalization of Prony’s method

» Poster session

N. Bosuwan and G.L. Lagomasino, Determining system poles using rows of sequences of orthogonal Hermite-Pade' approximants

C.F. Bracciali, T.E. Perez, Bivariate orthogonal polynomials, 2D Toda lattices and Lax{type representation

R. Cavoretto, T. Schneider, P. Zulian, OpenCL based parallel algorithm for RBF-PUM interpolation

R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, R. Freda, H. Qiao, E. Venturino, Meshless methods for pulmonary image registration

S. De Marchi, W. Erb and F. Marchetti, Spectral filtering for the resolution of the Gibbs phenomenon in MPI applications

S. De Marchi, A. Idda and G. Santin, A rescaled method for RBF approximation

S. De Marchi, G. Elefante, Integration on manifolds by mapped low-discrepancy points and greedy minimal k_s-energy points

M. Gulliksson, The Dynamical Functional Particle Method

J. Liesen, O. Sete, Approximation with Faber-Walsh polynomials on disconnected compact sets in the complex plane

P. Maroni, T.A. Mesquita, Around operators not increasing the degree of polynomials

F. Piazzon, A. Sommariva and M. Vianello, Quadrature of Quadratures: Compressed Sampling by Tchakaloff Points

C. Rabut, Variational Bezier or B-spline curves and surfaces