Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus

From Venice or Verona to Canazei (September 9)

There will be a shuttle from Venice (Venice-Mestre railway station-->Venice Marco Polo airport-->Canazei) and another one from Verona (Verona railway station (Porta Nuova)-->Verona airport-->Canazei) on Sunday September 9 afternoon, both leaving at 4.00 PM. In case of your interest, please tick the pertinent button in the Registration form, or inform us, writing to
The shuttles will leave from the Railway Stations at 4 PM, and from the airports at 4.30 PM.

IMPORTANT: We stress that the railway stations are respectively Venezia-Mestre (and not Venezia-Santa Lucia) and Verona Porta Nuova. Furthermore, Venice airport is Venezia Marco Polo (and not Treviso Canova, that is sometimes mentioned as Venezia-Treviso).

From Canazei to airports (September 14/ September 15)

There will also be a private shuttle service for the return to the airports, on Friday September 14 afternoon and Saturday September 15 morning, to be booked at the conference and to be paid individually.
The fare will depend on the number of travellers, it cannot be fixed now. Take into account that the trip takes at least three-four hours, depending on the traffic conditions on the highways.

Shuttle Venice-Canazei, Sunday September 9 afternoon, 4.00 PM Venice-Mestre Railway Station, 4.30 PM Marco Polo Airport.

  1. Andreas Asheim (airport)
  2. Ronald Cools (airport)
  3. Alfredo Deano (airport)
  4. Jocelyne Erhel
  5. Silvia Gazzola
  6. Stefan Guettel (airport)
  7. Nick Hale (railway station)
  8. Bin Han (railway station)
  9. Daan Huybrechs (airport)
  10. Bayram Ali Ibrahimoglu (railway station)
  11. Andi Kivinukk (railway station)
  12. Elisabeth Larsson (airport)
  13. Veerle Ledoux (railway station)
  14. Nele Lejon (airport)
  15. Paul Leopardi (airport)
  16. Paul Leopardi (sister, airport)
  17. Erik Letho (airport)
  18. Giuseppe Mastroianni (airport)
  19. Silvia Noschese (airport)
  20. Incoronata Notarangelo (airport)
  21. Paolo Novati
  22. Sem Peelman (railway station)
  23. Allan Pinkus (himself, railway station)
  24. Allan Pinkus (wife, railway station)
  25. Christophe Rabut
  26. Lothar Reichel (airport)
  27. Daniela Rosca (railway station)
  28. Maria Grazia Russo (airport)
  29. Maria Rosaria Russo
  30. Robert Schaback (himself, airport)
  31. Robert Schaback (wife, airport)
  32. Alvise Sommariva
  33. Gert Tamberg
  34. Maria Zeltser (railway station)

Shuttle Verona-Canazei, Sunday September 9 afternoon, 4.00 PM Porta Nuova Railway Station, 4.30 PM Airport.

  1. Benjamin Berkels
  2. Peter Binev (railway station)
  3. Bastian Bohn
  4. Len Bos
  5. Mira Bozzini
  6. Oleg Davydov
  7. Carl de Boor
  8. Karl Deckers (himself)
  9. Karl Deckers (wife)
  10. Filomena Di Tommaso
  11. Vladimir Druskin
  12. Michael Floater (airport)
  13. Ken Hayami (railway station)
  14. Alexander Hullmann
  15. Ivan Markowsky
  16. Mariarosa Mazza
  17. Sotiris Notaris (railway station)
  18. Jens Oettershagen
  19. Rodrigo Platte
  20. Christian Rieger
  21. Lucia Romani
  22. Mikhail Zaslavsky (airport)