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Energy Finance Italia, 2nd edition

The aim of this scientific association is to aggregate in a fruitful scientific network all Italian scholars, from both the academic and the commercial worlds, who deal with energy markets and related topics in a wide sense (energy-related time series like market prices, weather etc., evaluation and optimization of financial contracts and/or of physical assets, etc.).

The main goal of this network is to organize a yearly meeting, which for the year 2016 is at its second national edition, where all scholars dealing with energy markets get together to share ideas and results. Nevertheless, the participation is by no means limited only to Italian speaking people, and non-Italian participants are very welcome (of course, the official language of the workshop will be English).

The formula of this workshop (and hopefully of the next ones to follow) is made after the very successful "Workshops in Quantitative Finance", held annually in Italy for the last 18 years:

  • NO invited speakers, but only contributed ones: this is intented to favour the presence of both young and more senior scholars, and will favour the exchange of ideas and the birth of new collaborations.
  • no parallel sessions, but only one session, to allow everyone to listen
    to everybody.
  • each talk will have an official discussant: this ensures some very interesting and fruitful academic discussions.

A selection of the accepted papers will be published a special issue of Energy Economics.

We all hope to see you all in Padova!