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Lectures and Slides

A. AbbondandoloSymplectic capacities and normal forms.

D. Bambusi. A Quantum Nekhoroshev Theorem: growth of Sobolev norms in quasi integrable quantum systems.

M. Berti. Benjamin-Feir instability of Stokes waves. Slides

A. Bounemoura. Small divisors problems in non quasi-analytic classes. Slides

A. Celletti. Perturbative methods in Earth’s space debris dynamics. Slides

A. Clarke Arnold Diffusion in the Secular Four-Body Problem. Slides

A. Delshams. Global instability based on shadowing along non-transverse heteroclinic chains.

S. Di Ruzza. Chaos in the simply averaged three-body problem. Slides.

J. Féjoz. Scattering of N particles in a long range potential.

V. Gelfreich. What is this Arnold Diffusion anyway?

G. Gentile. Almost-periodic solutions for the one-dimensional NLS equation. Slides.

M. Gidea. Arnold diffusion in dissipative systems

M. Guardia. Oscillatory motions and symbolic dynamics in the three body problem. Slides.

M. Guzzo. Measures of slow diffusion in Hamiltonian Systems

R. Krikorian. Perturbations of conservative real analytic diffeomorphisms of the disk or the cylinder: KAM theory and straightening of almost complex structures. Slides.

S. Kuksin. Random perturbations of integrable systems. Slides.

J. Massetti. On the persistence of periodic tori for symplectic twist maps

F. Mogavero. The origin of chaos in the Solar System through computer algebra

L. Niederman. Semi-algebraic geometry and generic long-time stability of nearly-integrable Hamiltonian systems

M. Procesi. Reducibility and nonlinear stability for a NLS equation on T2​​​​​​​

B. Scoppola. Lonely planets and lightweight asteroids: A statistical mechanics model for the planetary problem​​​​​​​. Slides.

T. M-Seara. Some results about the non-existence of small breathers in Klein-Gordon equations​​​​​​​. Slides.

D. Turaev. On adiabatic control of Schroedinger equation​​​​​​​

P. Zgliczynski​​​​​​​ Oscillatory Motions and Parabolic Manifolds at Infinity in the Planar Circular Restricted Three Body Problem​​​​​​​. Slides

K. Zhang. Uniform Lyapunov exponents for Hamilton-Jacobi equations at the vanishing viscosity limit​​​​​​​