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9th Workshop Energy Finance Italia



Bari, February 12 - 14, 2024




The aim of this yearly meeting is to aggregate in a fruitful scientific network all Italian scholars, from both the academic and the commercial worlds, who deal with energy markets and related topics in a wide sense (energy-related time series like market prices, weather etc., evaluation and optimization of financial contracts and/or of physical assets, etc.). 

Nevertheless, the participation is by no means limited only to Italian speaking people, and non-Italian participants are very welcome (of course, the official language of the workshop will be English).

The formula of these workshops is traditionally the following (with very few exceptions): 

  • no parallel sessions, but only one session, to allow everyone to listen to everybody.
  • each talk will have an official discussant: this ensures some very interesting and fruitful academic discussions.


Keynote speaker : Rüdiger Kiesel , University of Duisburg/Essen.


EFI prize for the best paper, reserved to young authors / presenters.


A special issue of "Energy Economics" has been organized in association with this conference.


We all hope to see you all in Bari!