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Contributed talks

Abstract submission is now CLOSED.

Booklet with all abstracts (both invited and contributed talks).

Accepted contributed talks

  • Stefano BARATELLA, A predicate extension of real valued logic
  • Gianluca BASSO, Projective Fraïssé limits of partial orders
  • Giulia BATTILOTTI, Milos BOROZAN and Rosapia LAURO GROTTO, From basic logic to a quantum logical approach to Matte Blanco’s bi-logic
  • Alessandro BERARDUCCI, Surreal differential calculus and transeries
  • Stefano BONZIO, Tommaso MORASCHINI and Michele PRA BALDI, The regularization of a logic
  • Emanuele BOTTAZZI, Describing limits of bounded sequences of measurable functions via nonstandard analysis
  • Filippo CALDERONI, The bi-embeddability relation for countable abelian groups
  • Riccardo CAMERLO, Wadge hierarchies towards generalised Wadge hierarchies
  • Olivia CARAMELLO, Theories of presheaf type as a basic setting for topos-theoretic model theory
  • Lorenzo CARLUCCI, Weak yet strong restrictions of Hindman’s finite sums theorem
  • Raphäel CARROY, Topological embeddability between functions
  • Filippo CAVALLARI, Descriptive set theory and automata
  • Jules CHOQUET, Giulio GUERRIERI, Luc PELLISSIER, Lorenzo TORTORA DE FALCO and Lionel VAUX, Normalization by evaluation in linear logic
  • Marcello D’AGOSTINO, Informational semantics and depth-based natural deduction for classical logic
  • Paola D’AQUINO, Ultraproducts and Spec(Ẑ)
  • Vincenzo DIMONTE, Left distributive algebras beyond I0
  • Jacopo EMMENEGGER and Erik PALMGREN, Categorical quotient completions, local cartesian closure and choice principles
  • Alberto FIORI and Claudio SACERDOTI COEN, Towards an implementation in LambdaProlog of the two level Minimalist Foundation
  • Tommaso FLAMINIO and Hykel HOSNI, On coherence, strict coherence and logic
  • Miriam FRANCHELLA, L. E. J. Brouwer and A. Heyting on foundational labels. their creation and use
  • Guido GHERARDI and Alberto MARCONE, Computational complexity of projection operators
  • Lorna GREGORY and Gena PUNINSKI, Ziegler spectra of serial rings
  • Sonia L’INNOCENTE and Vincenzo MANTOVA, Factorisation theorems for generalized power series
  • Giorgio LAGUZZI, Social welfare relations and descriptive set theory
  • Serafina LAPENTA, Ioana LEUSTEAN and Antonio DI NOLA, Infinitary logic and compact Hausdorff spaces
  • Giacomo LENZI, Antonio DI NOLA, Luca SPADA and Vincenzo MARRA, A generalized Chang completeness theorem
  • Paolo LIPPARINI, Problems about the Jónsson distributivity spectrum
  • Lorenzo LUPERI BAGLINI, Non standard methods in combinatorial number theory
  • Roberto MAIELI, Generalized connectives of linear logic
  • Francesco MANGRAVITI, The isomorphism relation of classificable shallow theories
  • Enrico MORICONI, On K. Popper’s decomposition of logical notions
  • Sara NEGRI, A proof-theoretic approach to formal epistemology
  • Gianluca PAOLINI, Polish topologies for graph products of groups
  • Matteo PASCUCCI, Temporal irreflexivity in terms of a propositional constant
  • Marco PEDICINI and Mario PIAZZA, Stream abstract machines. parallel and non-deterministic execution
  • Iosif PETRAKIS, Typoids in Martin-Loef's intensional type theory
  • Davide RINALDI, Peter SCHUSTER and Daniel WESSEL, Extension by conservation. from transfinite to finite proof methods in abstract methods
  • Luca SAN MAURO, Measuring the complexity of reductions betweeen equivalence relations
  • Giorgio SBARDOLINI, The paradox of no properties in ramified logic
  • Luca SPADA, Denominator respecting maps
  • Silvia STEILA, Playing with equivalent forms of CH
  • Giuseppina TERZO, Generic solutions of exponential polynomial over the complex field
  • Carlo TOFFALORI, Decidability of the theory of modules of Bézout domains with infinite residue fields
  • Riccardo TREGLIA, We Need LOv abstract machine for call-by-need calculus, and its complexity
  • Sara UGOLINI, On some varieties generated by generalized rotations of residuated lattices
  • Andrea VACCARO, Trace spaces of counterexamples to Naimark’s Problem
  • Matteo VIALE, Useful axioms

    Booklet with all abstracts (both invited and contributed talks).