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DWCAA awards

DWCAA awards

During the DWCAA-2021 workshop two awards (both of 500 €) were delivered to the best talk and the best poster.

The winners of the awards are:

  • Igor Tominec: An oversampled RBF-FD method for elliptic and hyperbolic PDEs (best talk)
  • Najoua Siar: Numerical differentiation on scattered data through multivariate polynomial interpolation (best poster)

DWCAA awards rules

This document establishes the rules for "best poster and presentation prizes" that will be awarded to the people that will provide the best presentation and poster as part of the DWCAA- 2021 workshop, September 6-10, 2021.

» Art. 1: Eligible people. BSc student, MSc student, PhD student, postDoc and junior researchers (non-tenure or permanent positions) are eligible for the prizes. Each prize is issued to the speaker/presenter.
The talks and posters will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and the best ones will be awarded.

» Art. 2: Selection criteria. The Scientific Committee of the DWCAA-2021 will use the following evaluation criteria:
• originality of the talk/poster (max 10 points);
• presentation (clarity of the exposition) (max 10 points);
• presentation of results (max 5 points). Ex-aequo evaluations are not allowed.

» Art. 3: Evaluation and awarding. The results of the evaluation are not contestable. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the DWCAA-2021 workshop. Each prize consists of 500 € and will be awarded by the Scientific Committee.