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Conference Proceedings

We are planning to publish a volume of Proceedings for the IMSE2016 Conference and all people participating to the conference are invited to submit a contribution. All papers will be carefully refereed.

Here below, you can find all files required to prepare your contribution, including a file with instructions which should be read very carefully. It may be convenient to download directly the folder containing all files required.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline and the e-mail addresses for your submission can be found in the file Instruction.tex.

Instructions.tex4.57 KB
svmult.cls79.5 KB
Constanda.pdf119.07 KB
Constanda.tex14.37 KB
Constanda-refs.tex729 bytes
Constanda-Fig1.eps24.13 KB
Constanda-Fig2-11.eps60.09 KB
Constanda-Fig2-12.eps110.89 KB
Constanda-Fig2-13.eps110.65 KB
Constanda-Fig2-21.eps115.32 KB
Constanda-Fig2-22.eps116.64 KB
Constanda-Fig2-23.eps116.13 KB
Constanda-Fig3.eps177.74 KB
Instructions.zip503.63 KB