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GDMSeminar: Abstracts of the Talks (2022/1)

Elena Kudryavtseva (Moscow State University)

Symplectic invariants of structurally stable singularities of integrable systems.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 16:00 GMT

Abstract: We study singularities of the Lagrangian fibration given by a completely integrable system. We prove that a non-degenerate singular fibre satisfying the so-called connectedness condition is structurally stable under (small enough) real-analytic integrable perturbations of the system. In other words, the topology of the fibration in a neighbourhood of such a fibre is preserved after any such perturbation. We also give a classification, up to real-analytic symplectic equivalence, of the Lagrangian fibrations in a neighbourhood of such a fibre.