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GDMSeminar: Previous Talks

  • 2022
    1. February 1  Elena Kudryavtseva (Moscow State University)   Symplectic invariants of structurally stable singularities of integrable systems.  Abstract  Slides  Recording
    2. February 15  Daniel Strzelecki (Nicolaus Copernicus University, ToruĊ„, Poland)   Lyapunov center theorem  for Hamiltonian systems with symmetries  Abstract  Slides  Recording
    3. March 1  Anton Izosimov  (University of Arizona)   Polygon recutting  Abstract


  • 2021
  1. January 19  Alfonso Sorrentino (Roma Tor Vergata)  Inverse problems and rigidity questions in Billiard Dynamics. Abstract  Slides   Recording
  2. February 2  Alejandro Cabrera (UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro)   Dirac structures for infinite dimensional geometries and applications  Abstract   Slides   Recording
  3. February 16   Pedro Salomão (USP Brazil)  Transverse foliations in the Euler problem of two fixed centers   Abstract    Slides   Recording
  4. March 2  Tere M-Seara (UPC Barcelona)   Non existence of small amplitude  breathers for Klein-Gordon equations   Abstract  Slides   Recording
  5. March 16   Renato Calleja  (UNAM, Mexico City)   Choreographies in the n-body problem and a conjecture of Marchal   Abstract   Slides   Recording 
  6. March 30   Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough, UK)   Nijenhuis Geometry    Abstract   Slides   Recording
  7. April 13   Ana Rechtman (Strasbourg)  Broken books and Reeb dynamics in dimension 3  Abstract   Slides   Recording
  8. April 27  Anthony Bloch (University of Michigan)  Dynamics of Circulant Systems    Abstract   Slides   Recording 
  9. May 11  Alain Chenciner (Observatoire de Paris)   ABC    Abstract   Slides    Recording 
  10. May 25   Klas Modin (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)  What makes nonholonomic integrators work?  Abstract  Slides   Recording
  11. June 8  Jair Koiller  (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil)  Vortex pairs on surfaces: can it be a tool for topology in the large?  Abstract    Slides (with extra material)   Recording
  12. June 22  James Montaldi (University of Manchester)   Point vortices on non-orientable surfaces   Abstract   Slides  Recording
  13. July 6   Marcel Guardia (UPC, Barcelona)  Oscillatory motions and symbolic dynamics in the three body problem    Abstract   Slides  Recording
  14. July 20  Ana Bela Cruzeiro (IST, LisboaA stochastic view on the deterministic Navier-Stokes equation    Abstract    Slides   Recording
  15.  August 31  David Martin de Diego (ICMAT, Madrid)     Geometric integration and discrete variational calculus: some new developments    Abstract   Slides   Recording
  16. September 14    Sonja Hohloch  (Antwerpen)   Hamiltonian S1-actions and integrable systems    Abstract    Slides   Recording
  17. September 28    Clodoaldo Grotta Ragazzo (Sao Paulo)   Hydrodynamic Vortex on a Compact Surface: the “Steady Vortex Metric” and possible generalizations to higher dimensions   Abstract   Slides   Recording
  18. October 12    Jean-Philippe Lessard (McGill, Montreal)    Recent developments of computer-assisted proofs in the Navier-Stokes equations  Abstract   Slides    Recording
  19. October 26    Luigi Chierchia (Roma Tre)   The ultimate frontier of KAM Theory (in finite dimensions)   Abstract   Slides    Recording
  20. November 9   Yuri Suris  (TU Berlin)   From geometry to dynamics. Integrable bilinear discretizations of quadratic vector fields    Abstract   Slides   Recording
  21. December 7   Ivan Mamaev (Izhevsk State Technical University)   Some notes on A. Borisov's path in mechanics (Special lecture in honour of Alexey Borisov)    Abstract   Slides   Recording
  • 2020
  1. May 19  Boris Khesin (UToronto)   Pentagram maps and integrable hierarchiesAbstract   Slides   Recording
  2. June 2  Richard Montgomery (UCSC)   Scattering and metric linesReferences   Abstract   Slides   Recording
  3. June 16  François Gay-Balmaz (CNRS-LMD, ENS)   Geometric variational finite element discretization of compressible fluids   Abstract   Slides   Recording
  4. June 30  George Haller (ETH Zurich) Objective material barriers to the transport of momentum and vorticity   Abstract  Slides  Recording
  5. July 14   Darryl Holm (Imperial College, London)  What can Geometric Mechanics do for Climate Science?   Abstract   Slides   Recording
  6. July 28   Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Paris) The Noether theorems a century later Abstract   Slides   Recording
  7. August 25   Carlos Tomei  (Puc-Rio)  Basic Todaism   Abstract   Slides  Recording
  8. September 8   Dmitry Treschev (Steklov, Moscow) Billiard systems with locally linear dynamics  Abstract  Slides  Recording
  9. September 22   Annalisa Calini (Charleston)  Geometric flows in centro-affine space   Abstract  Slides  Recording
  10. October 6   Daniel Peralta-Salas (ICMAT, Madrid) Flexibility and rigidity aspects of the dynamics of the steady Euler flows Abstract  Slides   Recording
  11. October 21  Eva Miranda (UPC Barcelona)  When escape trajectories become singular periodic orbits  Abstract  Slides   Recording
  12. November 3  Alexander P. Veselov (Loughborough, UK, and Moscow, Russia)  Geometrization, integrability and knots  Abstract  Slides   Recording
  13. November 17  San Vu Ngoc (Rennes)  One can hear semi-toric systems  Abstract  Slides   Recording 
  14. December 1  Juan-Carlos Marrero (La Laguna, Spain) Kinetic nonholonomic dynamics is neither Hamiltonian nor variational and however...  Abstract   Slides   Recording 
  15. December 15  Donald Saari (UC Irvine), From dynamics and celestial mechanics to dark matter   Abstract   Slides   Recording