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Dolomites poster, 1938

University of Verona at Alba di Canazei

General info

DRWA19 is organized by the Department of Mathematics of the Universities of Padova and Torino and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Verona. It aims to provide a meeting point and a forum for researchers in approximation theory and its applications, with the formula of open lectures + invited working groups and a poster session. The site, which has several rooms with white-board and PC projector and a computing laboratory with 27 PCs connected to the web, can host up to 5-6 working groups. There will be at disposal also a common room for scientific discussions among the participants to the tutorial who are not in a specific working group (see also the previous editions DRWA07, DRWA08, DRWA10, DRWA11, DRWA13,DRWA14, DRWA15, DRWA17, DRWA18).

Please contact soon the organizers if you wish to arrange a working group.

The workshop will be held in Alba di Canazei, Val di Fassa (Trento), Italy.

Venue: University of Verona, via de Sorapera, 25-27, 38030 Alba di Canazei (TN).

Registration fee (to be paid cash onsite): Regular 160 euros. PhD Students and Post-Docs 110 euros.

Plenary talks

Working groups

Mathematical Finance: Modeling and Approximation methods

Organizers: A. Neisy (Tehran, IR) and S. Cuomo (Napoli, I)
Participants: S. Cuomo (Napoli IT), S. De Marchi (Padova, IT), V. Di Somma (Napoli, IT), M.K. Esfahani (Tehran, IR), R. Jalili (Tehran IR), N. Mahmoudpour (Tehran, IR), A. Neisy (Tehran, IR), F. Sica (Napoli IT).

Multivariate polynomial approximation and pluripotential theory

Organizer: F. Piazzon (Padova)
Participants: M. Baran (Krakow, PL), T. Bayraktar (Istanbul, TR), L. Bos (Verona, I), A. Goncharov (Ankara, TR), S. Hussung (Indiana, USA), N. Levenberg (Indiana, USA), J. Ortega Cerdà (Barcelona, ES), F. Piazzon (Padova, I), G. Sroka (Rzeszow, PL).

Radial Basis Functions and kernel methods

Organizers: E. Larsson (Uppsala), V. Bayona (Madrid)
Participants: V. Bayona (Madrid ES), J. Blazejewski (Michigan, US), R. Campagna (Napoli IT), R. Cavoretto (Torino IT), C. Corsiatto (Torino IT), A. De Rossi (Torino IT), O. Davydov (Giessen, D), N. Dissanayake (Michigan, US), J. Hesthaven (Lausanne CH), M. Karim (Tehran, IR), S. Kumar (Gujrat IN), E. Larsson (Uppsala SW), L. Ling (Hong Kong), V. Lombardi (Pavia, I), F. Mönkeberg (Lausanne CH), E. Perracchione (Padova IT), R. Platte (Arizona US), J. Reeger (Maryland US), M. Rossini (Milan IT), G. Santin (Stuttgart DE), R. Schaback (Göttingen D).
Program of the working group: [PDF]

Regularization in Mathematical Imaging

Organizers: W. Erb (Padova), C. Campi (Padova), A. Weinmann (Darmstadt, D)
Participants: C. Campi (Padova I), W. Erb (Padova, I), L. Kiefer (Darmstadt, D), F. Marchetti (Padova, I), T. März (Darmstadt, D) , D. Poggiali (Padova,I), A. Weinmann (Darmstadt, D).
Program of the working group: [PDF]

Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials in Approximation Methods

Organizer: C. Cesarano (Roma)
Participants: C. Cesarano (Roma), P.E. Ricci (Roma),

Poster Session

Organizer: R. Cavoretto (Torino).

Organizing Committee

M. Caliari (Verona), R. Cavoretto (Torino), A. De Rossi (Torino), E. Perracchione (Padova), F. Piazzon (Padova), G. Santin (Stuttgart), A. Sommariva (Padova).

Scientific Committee

V. Bayona (Madrid), L. Bos (Verona), M. Caliari (Verona), S. De Marchi (Padova), A. De Rossi (Torino), E. Larsson (Uppsala), F. Piazzon (Padova), A. Sommariva (Padova).
Co-organized within RITA (Rete ITaliana di Approssimazione)


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