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Poster Session (organizers: R. Cavoretto, M. Vianello)

Submitted posters

M. Aminian Shahrokhabadi, E. Perracchione, M. Polato, M. Putti, Smooth kernel machines for environment and finance

Jean-Paul Berrut and Giacomo Elefante, A periodic map for linear barycentric rational trigonometric interpolation

R. Campagna, S. Cuomo, S. De Marchi, L. Ferrara, E. Perracchione and G. Severino, A robust meshfree PDE solver for source-type flows in porous media

R. Campagna, S. Cuomo, A. Romano, P. Masi and G. Toraldo, Data-driven approaches to predict states in a Food Technology case study

R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, F. Dell’Accio, F. Di Tommaso, Triangular Shepard interpolants computed via fast searching routines

S. Cuomo, F. Sica and G. Toraldo, High Performance Computing Applications in Computational Finance

S. De Marchi, F. Marchetti and E. Perracchione, VSDKs for discontinuous functions

J. Hart and S. Ma‘u, Degree of a polynomial via pluripotential theory

I. Markovsky, Using Hankel low-rank approximation for sparse signal recovery

A. Neisy, S. De Marchi and R. Jalili, A Radial Basis Function Method For Solving Bond Pricing Model

C. Rabut, M. Rossini, Decomposition and Reconstruction of multidimensional signals by generalized Whittle–Matern kernels