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Speakers, titles, abstracts and slides



Special Lectures

  • Peter A. MARKOWICH (Cambridge University, UK - KAUST, Saudi Arabia)
  • Gigliola STAFFILANI (MIT, USA): On long time instability of the zero solution to the periodic cubic NLS equations the rational versus the irrational case (abstract)



  • Roberta BIANCHINI (UMPA, ENS Lyon, France): Mathematical analysis of near-critical reflection of internal waves (abstract)
  • Lars Eric HIENTZSCH (GSSI - L'Aquila): Bogoliubov dispersion relation and the low Mach number limit for quantum fluids (abstract)
  • Renato LUCÀ (University of Basel, Switzerland): Vortex reconnection for the Navier--Stokes equation (abstract)
  • Annalisa MASSACCESI (University of Verona, Italy): Partial regularity for the hyperdissipative Navier-Stokes equations (abstract)