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Poster Session

The poster session will take place on Thursday Sept. 11, afternoon.

If You are interested, please send title and abstract to Marco Vianello using the email address

Submitted posters

M. Baran, L. Bialas-Ciez, Hölder and Marcov capacities in C^n, [PDF]

R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, E. Perracchione, E. Venturino, An efficient algorithm to model dynamical system's separatrix manifolds, [PDF]

R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, B. Quatember, H. Qiao*, Topology analysis of global and local RBF transformations for image registration,

M.C. De Bonis, C. Laurita*, A Nystrom method for integral equations with Mellin type kernels, [PDF]

F. Dell'Accio, F. Di Tommaso, Hermite Birkhoff interpolation of scattered data by combined Shepard operators, [PDF],

M. Donatelli, M. Mazza, D. Sesana, Image deblurring by sparsity constraint on the Fourier coefficients, [PDF],

D.Occorsio, M.G. Russo*, Numerical methods for bivariate Fredholm Integral Equations, [PDF],

U. v. d. Ohe, Parameter identification in bivariate exponential sums.